World eSports Games & Leagues

What is a WEGL?


WEGL(World Esports Games & Leagues)

'Make a future of eSports'

As a global eSports competition born in 2017, following the slogan “eSports for everyone!”
Actoz soft and Eyedentity entertainment have created to develop healthy game culture and eSports industry.

WEGL is pursuing mid-to long-term sustainability through insights on next-generation eSports.
Existing tournament contest format, everyone can participate and grow as a gamer.
We will present a new paradigm of eSports.


eSports for everyone!

WEGL aims eSports for everyone.

What WEGL pursuing the eSports competition is that it is not for only pro-gamer, it is for everyone’s
entertainment all around world, can watch, participate and enjoy

Match Structure

WEGL consists of five competition modules:
Premier, Super Fight, Nations, Gamestar and Finals.

Break from the national competition.
We are orienting the sustainable eSports platform, which the world eSports fans pay attention and maximizes the enjoyment of eSports.

  • WEGL Premier Representative regular league of
    our company competition is held
    at ordinary times in year.
  • WEGL Super Fight It provides event match, arranged
    by fans what they want
    using voting such as UFC style.
  • WEGL Nations Selected teams to participate
    in grand final for countries
    that are not Premier.
  • Game Star Korea Team incubating program
    with entertainment and competition.


The final stage where the star players and champions who have been produced
through the activities of WEGL for one year are played in total.